2012 Cannondale Slice RS prototype triathlon bike ridden by Michael Weiss at Ironman World Championships in Kona

The 2012 Cannondale Slice RS prototype has been spotted here and there, but it saw some track time at the Ironman World Championships in Kona recently under Michael Weiss. His race bike is shown here and shows off some of the unique -and triathlon specific- features. Notice there’s virtually no cables visible anywhere on the bike? Internal cables aren’t new, but Cannondale’s approach is novel…

Brake and shift cables run out of the handlebar/aerobars and funnel straight into a unique stem cap. From there, they’re routed into the frame. How exactly it’s done is still a bit foggy, but we’ve got a call into Cannondale for specifics. They’re being a bit coy since this is still a prototype.

All pics from our friends over at 3GO Magazine (they’ll have a feature on the bike in their upcoming Kona recap issue), and more of the story, pics and details are posted at Triathlonrumor.com!


  1. I agree about the logo, but it looks like they just threw in the towel on/around the seat post area. What I really want to see are some Tri specific frame builders drawing inspiration from the late 90s and early 2000 that thumb their noses at the UCI, and build bikes with vision. Not bikes that conform to UCI BS.

  2. Seriously Cannondale? Seatpost like you forgot to add a post and dug through the shop scraps and put one in. Specialized can make cool looking bikes that conform to the rules and pulls the stops when there are no rules. Fail.

  3. Depending upon velocity (i.e. Reynolds Number), the most aerodynamic profile normally has around a 3.5:1 cross section. If this post is extremely narrow to reduce pressure drag then it would make sense to keep the cord length short to reduce skin friction drag as well. Super wide posts create much more drag, even if they look pretty. Just my two cents.

  4. Looks like someone hit it with their ugly stick. Perhaps some reverse psychology here, “if we can’t make it look good we’ll go for hideous since no one has gone that route and that will get publicity”.

  5. Look, try bike are rarely pretty things.. But this is just FUGLY!

    Most people buy what looks areo and exciting, not solely on numbers.

    The seat post looks like an after thought. Not part of the design.

    I ride a P3, not pretty, but nothing that would offend.

    Not sold!

  6. Leave it to Cannondale to be different for the sake of being different. I.e. Super V & Raven, Headshock, Lefty, etc., and look how great all those worked out! And that seat post is godawful, looks like a total after though.

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