Campagnolo Tech Lab 11 speed electronic drivetrain groupCampagnolo has declared their electronic drivetrain will officially launch on November 7.

Shown at Eurobike in what appeared to be final form factor, the group was closer to production than anyone could have guessed. That said, November apparently marks the first time press and bicycle manufacturers will get to see the final products, meaning it won’t be spec’d as OEM until 2013 models start getting announced next summer.

The system has been in development since they filed their original patents in 1994 and has been raced under sponsored Pro Tour teams in recent years.

More as we get it.


  1. It’s possible Campy has already been showing the product and it could be spec’d early-mid season ’12. At least on the high-end models it will be spec’d on to begin with. I bet you will probably see some of it at NAHBS.

  2. My prediction
    Launch: Nov7
    Release: Early 2012
    Release: delay to mid-2012 in small quantities
    Late 2012-steady supply
    OEM spec 2013

What do you think?