2012 SRM power meter for campagnolo cranksets in both regular and compact chainring options

SRM has a new Campagnolo power meter system for regular and compact cranksets with options for various crank lengths and chainrings.

System wide, their warranty is bumped up to three years for both the meters and the computer. They’ve improved the electronics, too, letting the crankset-based power meters run for 1,900-2,000 hours before having to change the battery. They supply free batteries within the warranty period, too, which is new. The computers have rechargeable batteries which are also covered under warranty. Photo of the computer after the break…

SRM increases warranty and improves electronics to extend battery life


  1. This is interesting. I wonder what Campy’s thoughts are on this. Care to share Campy North America?

    While at Frost Bike at QBP earlier this year, the Campy guy (name escapes me) swore up and down that Campy had “NO INTEREST” in releasing a power meter.

  2. Campy didn’t release a power meter. SRM did. When Campy releases its very own power meter, with no name but Campy on it, then the Campy guy will be wrong.

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