surly bicycles wooden log rollers

Surly Bikes showed off the all terrain capabilities of their Pugsley fat tire bike with some log rollers. They drew quite a crowd, but I never did see anyone really get going on them for more than a couple seconds. See ’em spinnin’ after the break, along with some other sightings from Interbike. Some good and useful. Some that are debatable…

surly bicycles wooden log rollers

Slip Not bicycle tire snow chains for winter traction

SlipNot is a bicycle tire chain system that’s good for snow, mud and ice. The system simply wraps around the tire then connects and tightens with two turnbuckle screws (one per side). It’s quick, easy and doesn’t require tire removal. Even better, they work with V-brakes, too. They’ll fit any bike that has at least 1/4″ clearance between the tire and frame/fork. The SlipNot is available in small (1.9 – 2.25 tire widths) and large (2.25 – 2.8) for both 26″ and 29″ tires. Retail is $85 and $95 per pair, respectively. The 26″ models are available now, the 29ers ship in November. For such a simple item, there was quite an enthusiastic crowd around their booth both times I strolled by.

paceline products chamois butter warming embrocation and sports wash for removing embrocations

Paceline Products, the folks that make Chamois Butt’r, have developed a warming embrocation and sports wash to remove embrocations. If you’ve ever used any sort of warming embrocation on a ride then stepped into a hot shower, cursed and screamed and wondering why for the love of God are your legs on fire, the sports wash should make sense. It can also be used for just cleaning off a bit if you’re headed somewhere social or have a long drive home following a particularly sweaty ride. Ingredients are:

paceline products chamois butter warming embrocation and sports wash for removing embrocations

random cheetah painted urban bmx trick bike

It’s no secret we don’t cover a ton of BMX on Bikerumor. There is a lot of innovation from that group, but there are only so many hours in the day and we don’t have anyone (hint, hint) that’s really into the scene to do it justice. That said, I wandered through the haze filled BMX section of Interbike just to see the sights. This 26″ urban trick bike caught my eye, but I couldn’t tell you the brand. I think the, um, funny smelling atmosphere was making my camera a little woozy, too, because it just wouldn’t focus. I thought I heard it laughing, too.

giant bicycles overdrive headtube comparison

This is a comparison of Giant’s new Overdrive 1-1/4″ tapered steerer to a standard 1-1/8″ steerer. Just thought we’d pass it along since it’s being integrated on both their road bikes and mountain bikes.


  1. The BMX section of inter sure was a blur.. I think at one point they were selling chain rings in baggies with some sort of dried up green vegetation…. or was it the other way around?

  2. If you’ve ever actually ridden on snow or ice, you’d know that chains on mtb tires are useless…
    Surley tires for snow, Nokian studs for ice.

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