A2J Frame R ultralightweight carbon fiber road bike

We posted Swedish company A2J’s concept Frame R road bike back in August, then we had a chance to see one in THM’s booth at Eurobike.

While the concept boasted some custom Di2 shifting integrated into the bike as an option, the show model was decked out with a traditional mechanical shifting setup from Campagnolo with THM cranks. In person, it’s a darn good looking frame, but we couldn’t lift it or weigh it thanks to some big fat uncooperative zip ties. They’re sticking to their 850g maximum frame weight, and that figure includes the headset, seat clamp, front derailleur mount and rear hanger. More pics and details after the break…

A2J Frame R ultralightweight carbon fiber road bike

Carbon, carbon everywhere…from the seatpost collar to the brakes, almost everything on the bike is carbon fiber.

A2J Frame R ultralightweight carbon fiber road bike

Most of the frame has woven fibers, but the seatstays get UD carbon tubes with woven patches reinforcing the brake bridge and dropouts.

A2J Frame R ultralightweight carbon fiber road bike

A2J Frame R ultralightweight carbon fiber road bike

The headset is a straight 1-1/8″ to keep things slim and light, yet the bike boasts a very high stiffness to weight ratio. It also helps keep the front end more slippery to the air, which is also a goal for A2J. They are doing wind tunnel testing with this bike as they near production.

A2J Frame R ultralightweight carbon fiber road bike with THM components

Don’t worry, that rider weight limit equals 330lbs. Pricing? It’s a lot.


  1. 850g is not that light…

    The Cannondale Super Six Evo is supposedly ~700g in a 56. Add in a conservative 75g for the headset and seatpost clamp and it’s still well under 850. And it comes from a leading manufacturer with a good warranty and frames that have passed CEN testing.

  2. @ Derek. You don’t like it because it is not an american product. Nor cannondale is. Look at the text: Hand made in Sweden.
    Compering this masterpiece to a cannondale is like compering a common american car to a Koenigsegg.
    Leading what?????????????????

  3. Being hand-made in Sweden doesn’t justify its cost.
    12,000 dollars US for frameset? Please, I thought the Cervelo Rca5 at 10k was a joke.
    This product is for Wall Street banker or someone really, really stupid.

  4. @Christophercules. She doesn’t have beefy legs. She is rockin’ the new Under-Pant Saddlebags System. You can tell how secure they are because she is showing how the UPS System can’t be pushed down.

    The UPS System will be the latest rage among fixie riders once they finally start popping out of their skinny jeans.

  5. Just saw the discussion about the price of the frame and would like to clarify. We are still finalizing pricing but it looks to us like the frameset (Acros headset and THM engineered bespoke fork) will be roughly Euro 7500 including 15% vat. The module price quoted on the original story page includes THM Scapula F fork, Fibula Rear brake, Clavicula M3 crankset and MCFK seatpost and clamp. As you all know, those are pretty expensive components.

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