Assos Clima X sturmPrinz rain jacket for winter 2011 and 2012

We put some hands on a few of Assos’ new Winter 2011/12 rain gear at PressCamp this summer, but somehow posting it when temps were topping 100º just didn’t see right. Besides, it wouldn’t have been available until about now and our pictures turned out pretty crappy.

So here we are on a cool, rainy day wishing we had a stockpile to go around.

Built around their new Clima X system of rainproofing the cycling, the “system” is comprised of five pieces, the sturmPrinz jacket, sturmNuss knicker shorts, Rain Gloves, Rain Bootie and Rain Cap. From our first glances at them, they’re all super nice, and we’re really lusting after the knickers and rain cap for sure.

The main material in the garments is a thin 3-layer fabric with a hydrophobic triple-laminated PTFE membrane to repel rain and keep it from getting through. Wind blocking panels are selectively placed to keep you warm. Even with all that, Assos says the pieces are light enough to wear during summer downpours, too, and are designed to fit over their other “systems” to build layers for winter warmth. The upper back panel is ventilated, and there are access slits to get through to your jersey pockets. Elastic shoulder sections maintain range of motion. MSRP is $529.99.

Assos Clima X sturmNuss rain knickers for winter 2011 and 2012 cycling

The sturmNuss rain knickers are slim enough to wear for long road rides without flapping all around, but loose enough to fit over bibshorts. The waterproof fabric keeps rain from getting through, and windproof panels at the knees and inside thighs keep particularly sensitive parts from getting too chilled. MSRP is $349.99.

Assos Clima X rain gloves and rain hat for winter 2011 and 2012

The Rain Hat is fully wind and water proof. MSRP is $44.99.

The gloves, on the other hand, have full neoprene construction so they’re not technically waterproof, but they maintain insulation even when wet. Assos says the design prevents them from “filling up” with water like some other bulky winter gloves. Palms have a grippy material. MSRP is $89.99.

Assos Clima X rain booties shoe covers for winter 2011 and 2012

The Rain Booties are also fully wind and water proof, but light enough that you could use them on a rainy summer day, too. The cuff is elasticized rubber that clings to your ankles and keeps any rain from running down into your shoes. MSRP is $139.99.

Being Assos, all items (except the knickers) are racing cut, meaning they fit snug, and they’re designed to go together for a nice, put together look but will work just fine individually.


  1. “The cuff is elasticized rubber that clings to your ankles and keeps any rain from running down into your shoes.”

    I’m *extremely* skeptical to say the least, seems like a “not quite waterproof” set of rain gear.

    And it leaves you thighs exposed to the elements? Might be fine when it’s 60 degrees, maybe not when it’s 40.

  2. Wgo in the biking world could afford a $1200.00 rain “System?” I’m sure it’s nice stuff but forget about it!!! I’m not shelling out that kind of money for any clothing on or off the bike!

  3. Hmmm. Rain gear that cost $1000. Man. Cycling has changed. Of course, if you are a Fred riding a 15,000 bike … I guess it’s all relative.

  4. @ David Lewis. Indeed, cycling has changed. With so much carbon frames (revolution!), carbon parts, e-shifting…etc the next logical step is clothing gear that cost as much as a Dainsese suit. It has become a motogp crid.
    @ Axe. The same applies for $7.000 – $40.000 carbon bikes…
    @ Assos. Is it bulletproof?

  5. Everytime I read a review about Assos and Rapha the comments always revert to the cost. I can only assume all of you are either a. Bike Messengers or b, woefully uneducated and thus unable to earn a good living.

    I want to own the best product for the ride I am doing and the amount it costs means very little to me, as well as quite a few people I imagine or these two companies would be out of business.

    If you had ever owned some Assos or Rapha prouducts I would imagine you would understand, but sadly you wouldn’t. You would have some smart comment about how you “wasted” your money.

    All ford and chevrolet lovers here I guess —

    Losers – please stop whining about how much it cost – I am so tired of reading it.

  6. @ Baldmtn. Personally, I am using a less expensive & more effective brand which goes by the name Endura.
    I can only assume that you are a dull belly banker spending money in fancy gear but can you really ride?

    Sucker-stop throwing money away for your legs. Use your mind as well.

  7. @Baldmtn – thanks for that. I personally am a huge Rapha fan – I find the quality and fit to be excellent and will continue to buy it. My years of buying Sugoi or other cheaper brands are behind me. I have had two warranty issues with Rapha, both were handled quickly and neither time I was even asked to return the product. I sent a photo and a replacement was in the mail. Much like Patagonia… you pay a little more up front and you get years of pleasure riding your bike.

    I recently ordered some Giordana bibs – can’t wait to try them.

    I ordered a pair of the above Assos knickers this week for commuting.

    @moz… what do I know though… I’m just a sucker… who loves great gear.

  8. These posts have made me smile this is why.
    1 Many cyclists seem to like the worn out dirty look,
    2 Cyclists seem to like to boast how cheap thier clothes are,
    3 Cyclists seem to take great pride in how long the have owned cycling apparel even if it`s stopped working.

    Assos and Rapha in particular are very well constructed and work exceptionally well for the purpose intended, wether that is protecting your posterior or keeping out the cold and rain or keeping you dry from perspiration. They also look great and last for ages without looking tired.

    I work hard during the week and cycle hard during the weekend why do people worry what other people choose to spend there money on.

  9. Some Assos products are overpriced indeed. But most of their products are of very high quality and will last for many many years. I have a lot of Assos products, and sadly also a lot of ‘quality’ stuff from other brands, that cost a lot less then Assos. But, whatever the weather, I always pick my Assos clothes. So in my opinion, the other stuff is a lot more expensive per kilometer used, since the other brands just stays in my closet unused. I have some Assos clothes that are almost ten years old, and they still feel more comfortable then new stuff from other brands. I use that old Assos stuff whenever the weather is bad, for off road riding, or when my newer Assos stuff is still in the laundry bin.
    And besides the feel and quality, I also like the tight look of Assos. Definately in the winter, whenever I pass some guy with 6 layers of crap clothing, looking like the Michelin Bibendum, and still shivering from the cold or sweating like a pig, I often can ‘t help myself from feeling content only having to wear 2 or 3 layers of Assos to feel warm and snug and still look sharp.

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