KHS 656 650B Full bike

Yup.  650B.  KHS is moving forward with the inbetweener standard with two new bikes, and they were keen to tell us all about them.

First up is the 656.  This is a 30lbs 5″ travel full suspension bike coming in at $2399.  The rear shock is the X-Fusion E1RL shock with hydraulic dampening, rebound adjustment, and lockout. Up front you get the X-Fusion Velvet RL 120mm tapered fork. The drive train has parts from SRAM X5, X7, and X9.  Stopping comes from Avid Elixir 1 brakes with 160mm rotors attached to WTB Laser Disc Trail wheels.  Those wheels are wrapped in Schwalbe Racing Ralph 650B rubber.

Past the jump you get a 650B carbon hardtail, full Microshift, and a 65cm frame.

KHS 609 650B Full Bike

If you are the type to run a hardtail, KHS has a 650B version for you.  The full carbon framed 609 runs the X-Fusion Velvet RL 100mm tapered fork up front.  The transmission is courtesy of SRAM and includes X9 rear derailleur and shifters, with an X7 front derailleur.  American Classic provides the wheels, and stopping power should be ample with Avid Elixir 9 brakes with 160mm rotors.  This package runs $3999

KHS Flite 450

While mostly focused on the 650B offroaders, I did see a few other new rides floating around the KHS booth.  The most interesting to me was the Flite 450.  The 450 not only uses Microshift levers, but it’s also specced with Microshift front and rear derailleurs.  This helps keep cost down, as the full road bike comes in at $899.  It’s a curious ride indeed, and I like seeing something other than SRAM and Shiamno on a bike for a change.

KHS Flite 747

The other unique ride KHS had on hand was the aptly named Flite 747.  Here we have a Lennard Zinn designed CrMo frame specced with Shimano 105.  What reallly sets this bike apart though is that it’s an XXL (65cm) frame meant for those riders who are 6’4″ to 6’8″ tall.  I was assured that the geometry has been tweaked so that it rides and handles like a smaller bike would to give that same ride quality to the tall folks among us.  Parting with $1599 makes it yours.


  1. 4000 bucks seems really, really expensive for a full carbon mountainbike with x7 shift levers and an inexpensive (though good) fork. Most carbon hardtails I can think of similarly speced come in around 2.5 to 3 grand.

  2. Read carefully, Sram X9 shifters and rear der. Sram x7 front. It’s pretty close to on par for the spec and given the rarity of 650B wheels.

  3. Actually it looks like a full x.9 kit save for the front der, and a pretty nice bike. Please take your pessimism to the MTBR forums

  4. So, why isn’t 650b as popular, as 29ers?

    I would love to test ride a 650b bike; I’m not sold on 29ers, just don’t feel comfortable for me.

  5. I sure hope this whole 650B thing takes off. More options is more better… Is it just me, or do 29ers just sometimes look off-balance or something… Same goes for 26ers, especially when they’re a size Large, or X-large, those wheels start to look tiny. But 650B mountain bikes just look “right” – for whatever that’s worth. I’d give one a shot for sure.

  6. I think it’s a bold move for KHS to offer something different from all the competition. 650B, Xfusion, Mcroshift….

    Not sure it’ll pay of though…

  7. So now we have 2 brands dedicated to 650bs: Jamis and KHS…
    How long the big three (Trek, specialized and Cannondale) will wait until really getting in the game?
    Same thing for the components: except Fusion and White Brothers, nobody’s making forks for 650bs yet…
    Just wait for Fox or Rock Shock to get in the game and 650b will be the next trend…

  8. Fox forks already work…Fox just has to give it’s approval.

    I’ve been on 650b front or front and rear for over two years and there is no other option for trail/technical XC for me. Limited tire selection, but what is available is quality.

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