Beginning next Monday, October 10, Rapha will be hosting a daily auction for two pairs of the Rapha-Focus limited edition Oakley Jawbones. Bidding will be conducted through a private email bidding system, and all proceeds will directly support the Rapha-Focus professional cyclocross team. Custom painted with the iconic Rapha colors, the shades will include a custom carrying bag, and three sets of interchangeable lenses. In order for you to look even more pro, the main set of lenses will have the Rapha logo etched into the bottom of the lens.

For further details and a few more shots of the glasses, jump past the break.


–       The auction page will go live on on Monday, October 10, ending Friday, October 14. (bidding starting each day at 12:01am PDT (GMT-8), closing at 11:59pm PDT)

–       The minimum bid will begin at $250.

–       Email offers to: This is a private-bid email auction with the two highest offers winning the two pair each day.

–       The winning offers from each day’s auction will be announced via Twitter. (@rapharacing and @rapha_n_america)




  1. Think whatever you like about Rapha (that the company carries a vague odor of “douche”-ness), their style is generally very good.

    These shades, however, are a serious misstep.

  2. @Superstantial: it’s not so much douche-ness as “mid-30’s hipster” appeal.

    The creme/black is okay, but the painted colors are not something I would sport (I wouldn’t wear those frames anyhow but that’s something else). Would’ve been nicer if they painted it on the ear piece, just after the hinge, around the “O”

  3. Is it April 1st? Yeah, I don’t know about this one. Normally Love Rapha, but this is a bit lame. They took the ugliest sunglasses to go mainstream in years and made them even uglier.

  4. Not a hater here, but “… and all proceeds will directly support the Rapha-Focus professional cyclocross team.” Really? How ’bout donating that dough to say… I don’t know, a charitable cause? I think the Rapha-Focus CX team are all a bunch of cool dudes/dudettes and all, but that just seems very odd to me that they came out with their own limited-edition glasses to auction off just to directly contribute to the team. Doesn’t seem that classy for such a classy company.

  5. Nice eyelashes…. seriously could have had some nice glasses except for the face paint that got on the front of them.

    And why donate money to them in the first place they’re way more sponsored then a lof of other people out there trying to make it.

    Take after Nike(BTTF Shoes) and donate the money to good cause, use ebay, be transparent and win costumers, stop being dicks….

  6. So the first pair(s) went for $650. Does that mean that the rest will go for more? Would you pay over $650 for a pair of these????

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