…after all, with a name like Wheels Manufacturing and twenty-three years of machining experience, hubs  would be an obvious fit.  Though we saw them exhibiting Alchemy’s hubs (which they build) at Interbike last year, this year Wheels Manufacturing were showing their own-design J-28 hubs.  Intended to be “practical, durable, and affordable,” the J-28s are made by Wheels right here in the USA.  Hit the jump for more details…

The front hub includes 9mm QR and 15 and 20mm thru axle end caps.  At 210g, it’s not super-light, but that’s the price of big 6805 bearings and 20mm compatibility. Note the countersunk spoke holes and large flange.

The rear hub uses a 4-pawl/36t system and takes a 10mm QR as stock.  12mm and 15mm thru axles as well as 142mm spacing will also be available.  The 285g weight is reasonable for a 5-bearing rear hub.  The hubs will be shipping next spring and will retail for $140 (f) and $295 (r).



  1. Robin,

    Word is that there aren’t any road hubs on the immediate horizon- but there will be some other interesting things coming. Stay tuned!


  2. Thx. The Alchemy hubs are getting rave reviews. It’ll be interesting to see how the hubs differ internally and if WM will apply anything they learned from making Alchemy hubs to their own hubs, be they mtb or road.

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