2012 Niner RDO carbon rigid 29er fork with 15mm thru axle

We spotted these at Eurobike, and now Niner’s given us weights and details about their new RDO 15mm thru-axle carbon rigid fork and RDO carbon seatpost.

The former takes their lustworthy rigid fork and gives it a 15mm thru axle dropout and fresh graphics. It’s disc only, good for up to a 185mm rotor and comes in their entire swatch book of Niner colors. Well, except fridge green. Claimed weight is 570g on it’s own and 630g with the Maxle inserted. Numbers: 470mm axle-to-crown and 45mm rake.

2012 Niner RDO carbon rigid 29er fork with 15mm thru axle

The RDO fork has no rider weight limit and carries their same C5 warranty. It’ll retail for $549 with Maxle Lite and starts shipping in limited quantities in about five weeks. They expect more substantial stock in December. First come, first served.

2012 Niner RDO carbon rigid 29er fork with 15mm thru axle

Click any pic to enlarge. Colors (L to R) are: Kermit Green, Licorice, Nude, Moondust, Vana, Tang, Tamale.

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon flex seatpost for mountain bikes

The new RDO seatpost is a full monocoque design with no bonded parts. This brings the weight down to 210-220g depending on diameter. It’s designed with what they’re calling “Unstiff Carbon Layup” and internal shaping to dissipate vibration and provide fore-aft flex. They say it gives more than other carbon posts for a mini-suspension effect that’s just as at home on singlespeeds as on full suspension bikes.

2012 Niner Bikes RDO carbon flex seatpost for mountain bikes

It’s a standard 2-bolt clamp with zero offset. Available in 27.2×400, 30.9×370 and 31.6×400 for $199. Starts shipping worldwide in four weeks.

2012 Niner One9 alloy 29er hardtail mountain bike in tang orange now shipping

The first run of the redesigned One 9 in black anodized ships to US and International dealers in 2 weeks. The Tang/Black Licorice One 9 ships to dealers in 5 weeks. MSRP $899 w/ EBB.


  1. The “Masterpiece posts may be used for cross country mountain biking by riders who weigh 200 pounds or less.”

    Sounds reassuring, doesn’t it?

    I do tend to agree, though. I like Niner’s stuff, but would never buy it thanks to their pricing. But I’m not a weight weenie, either…

  2. @Tom – What about places like florida or sections of deserts where all you have is rolling plains and bumps no bigger than a street curb?

    This is capitalism at it’s best! Supply / Demand~

  3. Apparently a lot of folks are buying mtb’s without suspenders and using them and doing so all over the place. Hmmmm. It’s 2011 and freedom of choice is still allowed and group-think isn’t required.

  4. This post looks pretty money to me. It has a proper clamp (somewhat similar to thompson’s), unlike the ultralight carbon posts I’ve been considering. Masterpieces will weigh less, but I’d like to have more comfort built into the post. Also, this is about 60 bucks less than the enve seatpost, with very similar weight.

  5. I can’t see spending the $550 to replace my current (perfectly awesome) Niner CF Fork, but good on them adding the big axle to the new model.

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