mini monkey lights

You may remember the MonkeyLectric LED Wheel Light that lights up patterns inside the entire wheel – now they’ve come up with the “Mini” that straps to your spokes and shows 8-bit graphics. Not available yet, MonkeyLectric is raising money through Kickstarter to set up production. A $50 donation on Kickstarter puts you in line to receive one of these lights as soon as they get production up and running, estimated delivery Dec. 2011. Click ‘more’ to see the suggested 8-bit patterns – only 15 can be programmed into the light. If the project gets funded, MonkeLectric will let you vote on which 15 are included.

monkeylectric bike wheel lights 8-bit pattern mini monkey lights


  1. @ Chipollini. You do that. Apart from being a funky item it is about safety as well. Now there is no excuse like: ‘I didn’t see you coming’.

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