Calfee Stem Face plate light mount

Beyond having some very nice stuff from eecycle works mounted up in their booth, the guys at Calfee were also sporting some trick stuff of their own.  First up, I spotted a very odd looking stem faceplate and asked what was going on there.  I was told it is an early prototype that is a socket to hold an LED light.  The stem faceplate is somewhat universal-ish from what I am told, so with any luck it will fit a variety of stems.  However, if you are paying Calfee for a full custom bike, I have a feeling one might spring for a custom bar-stem setup with fully integrated wiring.  The light should have around 200 lumens output.  Look for more details plus a finished product at NAHBS in March.

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Calfee Top Cap plug and steerer tube battery

The power for the light will come from a battery mounted in the steerer tube, and the port to charge the battery will be in the top cap.  That same power source can also power a Di2 set up, and has a USB dongle for charging up your gadgets should it be needed.

Calfee USB Plug Di2 Battery

The screw on cap should help keep the elements from damaging the USB port.


  1. So, let me guess. Every bike company is introducing carbon frames so as to be able to mount them anything apart from our riding skills. You see alloy frames tend to be a bit heavy if you cherish all this gadgets on your bike. Except the LED light design which is very useful, I would like a heated saddle as well for the gold days to match my thermal grips.

  2. although i don’t have an e-shifting bike, to consolidate and use one battery for shifting and lighting is a nice idea. Now how about modifying a dyno hub to keep the battery charged while you ride?

  3. While I don’t see myself sporting this anytime soon, I really appreciate the effort that’s going in to coming up with new ideas. Once the time rolls around the battery-powered shifting is the norm I’d love to have the battery be able to charge my phone or other devices….Life is all about options.

  4. Obviously Craig Calfee is such a follower, what with introducing frames so as to be able to mount them with anything. Such a follower. Obviously he was following when his was the first all carbon frame used in the TdF, long ago, by some guy name LeMond.

    The one thing that Craig Calfee can be counted on to do is follow his own train of thought. No one has ever accused him of being a follower.

  5. @ Robin. Actually I was expecting your comment, as always on articles related to carbon or gadgets. I am not implying that Craig Calfee is a follower, it was a general statement of course. But you see, sometimes being cynical, as I am regarding this stuff, has fun because you ‘mislead’ the others to ‘ your train of thought’ .

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