Also at US distributors Magura Direct’s Interbike booth this year were Vaude bags.  As someone who still hasn’t bested the 10 year old Vaude Splash that I use for commuting daily, it’s safe to say that I’m a fan.  Recent mountain bike hall of fame inductee (and product developer, brand representative, and really nice person) Ruthie Matthes walked us through the line.  Hit the jump!  or else.

A family-owned company, Vaude are making a push to reduce the environmental impact of their products, going so far as to earn the respected Bluesign certification based on a cradle-to-grave analysis of some of their newer bags.  The first is the expandable Gravit 10+3.  The Gravit is a technical mountain pack which incorporates adjustable FLASH shoulder straps, a 10-13L capacity, and the rain cover required of every bag designed in Germany.  Also available in black for us introverts.  The $169 price reflects a slight premium for the materials used.

Also cool was the freeride-oriented Northshore 20.  The more aggressive bag has moldable aluminum stays to allow for increased ventilation and comfort, plenty of lash points for helmets and armor, a soft electronics pocket with cable routing, some really neat hardware, and a rain cover.  This $129 pack looked as though it could easily do double duty on the trail and in more casual settings and will probably win over riders who’ve never considered the brand.


  1. I think she can convince people…maybe because she won the 1992 Overall World Cup Title…maybe because she is in the US Cycling Hall of Fame…maybe because she was a 2000 Olympian…maybe because she is a 5 Time U.S. National XC Champion…maybe because she won 5 World XC Championship Medals…maybe because she won a World Road Championships Silver Medal and lastly…maybe because she won 3 Time U.S. National Road Champion in Road, Crit and TTT.

    Moz, you may have better teeth, but you should not write hurtful things you wouldn’t have the guts to say to someones face especially when you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. I see your point but where did you see a hurtful thing? Unless ‘no hard feeling’ or ‘smile’ mean something hurtful to you.
    Regarding ‘the guts’, the same applies for you. Are related to the ‘champ’ & you are qualified to know what are you talking about?

  3. Agreed Larry. She’s a pretty cool woman and is a hero in the cycling world. And that Moz has no idea what he’s talking about. And he’s pretty inconsiderate with his comment.

    Moz-You don’t know what you are talking about. She is a legend in road, mtb, and cyclocross racing. And I’ve had a chance to meet her. Sweet lady. She could sell a sh*tload of bags with that smile for Vaude. A sh*tload. 🙂

  4. I am really glad to see that Vaude has so many dedicated fans. After all it seems that she is capable of selling this products.
    See what happens if you smile!

    p.s thanks @ Bikerumor’s editors for handling this matter with humor @ not blocking the comments

  5. Not cool, Moz…

    If it weren’t for everyone jumping to defend Ruthie before I read the thread, I certainly would have killed it- that kind of hurtful, irrelevant comment really has no place on Bikerumor. It’s easy to dash something off without consideration, but in the future please think about how it might come across in person.

    In any case, thanks to everyone for speaking up! For my part, it was a pleasure to finally meet Ruthie in person and, as one commenter mentioned, aside from being a badass, she comes across as a truly nice, genuine person who knows her stuff.


  6. It’s Ruthie Matthes that has all the fans. It’s really nothing to do with Vaude. It’s also the idea of pasting the lady for her smile that has no fans, no matter who the lady is.

  7. Ruthie Matthes is the nicest most genuine person i have ever met. She has a beautiful smile and she is a very caring and honest person. The world would be better off with more people like her in it.

  8. The second I saw that lovely smile I thought to myself “Ruthie!” Ruthie f’ing rocks. Now I’m going to go ride my old school MTB in tribute to Ruthie. Let the haters hate.

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