Mounted on a bike in Timbuk2’s booth at Interbike this year was something that created… a wide range of reactions.  Like a triathlete’s “bento box,” the Bag of Death Goody Bag sits atop the top tube and behind the stem.  One-upping the bento box, the Goody Bag sports a touchscreen-compatible smart phone pocket and about the same capacity as Timbuk2’s large saddle bag.

All joking aside, it could be handy for those of us who use smartphone apps to map our rides- but bear in mind that it’ll sit almost between the rider’s knees- not somewhere you’ll want to be looking while riding.  After relating near-death experiences from watching bicycle rear-view cameras rather than the road, our editor Tyler expressed keen interest in picking one up.

For everyone’s sake, please do not operate while vehicle is motion.

Oh, and no triathlete jokes in the comments.


  1. “because life isnt about riding your bike, enjoying the scenery or being able to focus on one task”
    its about being on your iphone the whole time.

    gps function is cool, but its probably a better idea if you stop and grab your iphone out of your jersey pocket.

    the only reason to mount it there is to use it while riding…
    but who knows maybe im overlooking something

  2. Looks awesome. Of course someone is going to use it unwisely, and it’ll be criticized for that, but it looks very handy to me. Sure, you could keep your phone in your pocket and pull it out occasionally, but how much easier would it be to just glance down? Safer, too, if you’re tempted to pull the phone out and check it when riding. Also a frequent occurrence for me is to either pull over or slow down when I get a call just to see if it’s someone I need to talk to or if it’s someone I can call back after my ride. So much easier if I could just peak at the caller ID. Not to mention that my bike computer sits about two inches from there on my bike, and no one seems to think being able to track my speed and distance turns my bike into a death trap.
    Sure, you don’t want to check your e-mail while riding, watch a tv show, or play Angry Birds. And, sure, someone will do all of those things, but just because some people are idiots doesn’t make it a bad idea. Most of those people will probably find a way to ride irresponsibly with or without access to their smartphones.
    But seeing when my next turn is coming up, seeing who’s calling, seeing weather alerts all sound good to me. I can see me picking one of these up for all of those reasons. And posting on Facebook, of course: “I’m on my bike!” “Okay, now I’m in the hospital.”

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