2012 Volagi Di2 Liscio Hydro hydraulic disc brake road bike

We broke the news that Volagi went ahead and put out the first fully spec’d hydraulic disc brake road bike, and now we’ve got some actual photos to prove it.

Sure, it’s using an adapter to go from mechanical to hydraulic brakes for now, but the Liscio’s frame is designed around a hydraulic system, so as soon as someone gets hydro shifter levers, there’s no retooling needed, just a simply spec swap. They’ve also designed the frame around Di2, giving this bike some of the cleanest lines we’ve seen.

The Di2 hydraulic brake equipped bike shown here will retail for under $5,945 with Ultegra Di2. More pics, plus some updates to their carbon wheels, after the break…

2012 Volagi Di2 Liscio Hydro hydraulic disc brake road bike

Hydraulic brake lines are run internally. Cable guides can be bolted on to flush in-molded mounts for non-electronic drivetrains, and guides are pre-installed on the bottom of the BB30 shell.

2012 Volagi Di2 Liscio Hydro hydraulic disc brake road bike

These pictures don’t do the bike justice. The white color was (is) striking, perfectly complemented by the white TRP Parabox brake system.

2012 Volagi Di2 Liscio Hydro hydraulic disc brake road bike

The Longbow stays add a good bit of bump absorption making for a very smooth ride. The seat clamp has been revised since we reviewed the bike, which (they say) improves clamping ability and eliminates any of the creaking issues we had.

2012 Volagi Di2 Liscio Hydro hydraulic disc brake road bike

The Di2 integration  is very clean.

2012 Volagi Ignite SL carbon clincher disc brake road bike wheels

New wheels that come in at just about 1400g with a $1,600 retail. That’s with 30mm deep, 25mm wide (outside) carbon clincher rims. Because they don’t have to reinforce a brake track, they can save weight, and they’re working to further reduce rim weight to about 380 or just under.

2012 Volagi Ignite SL carbon clincher disc brake road bike wheels

We’re hoping Volagi offers up a 135 rear option in the future, at least for the wheels, since they’d make a great upgrade option. Their frame is currently 130 rear spacing, as are the wheels.


  1. They gave the wheel weight, but no complete bike weight?

    I can take or leave DI2, but (living in the Rockies) I like the idea of hydro disc brakes on my road bike.

  2. I heard the complete bike as shown comes in around 17lbs. Hydro brakes and that parabox keep this from being a real lightweight ride. Is the weight penalty worth it?

    And come on, 130mm real spacing? Grrrrrrr!

  3. Ignoring that stupid coverter box, I think that designers are going to have some challenges making a swoopy road bike look elegant with disc brakes. I think this is a nice looking bike with the exception of the discs. They look out of place to me and give the bike an almost heavy appearance.

  4. When I’m riding my mountain bike, I can’t say I really see the discs… certainly not anymore than I saw v-brakes or cantilevers… so I don’t think discs are going to be a problem aesthetically on a rode bike for me either.

  5. As with anything new I think the idea of discs on a road bike will take time to get used to visually/aesthetically.

    For this bike though I do think that between the front derailleur, calipers, the trp thing, those fugly hubs, and the battery, its looking a little chunky. Also, I’d like to see them stick with round edged rotors for road/cx. The wavy designs counter the sleek lines of most road bikes in a bad way.

  6. This is a pioneer bike, and is the way of the future! As for disc road bikes I’m 100% sure it will happen in a big way. Volagi’s “endurance” concept makes sense, but my guess is that an other group of riders will love disc road bikes (drb) even more, and that is “big/bad climbers”! Compact gearing and modern 10/11 speed cassettes with increased range (27/28/29/30t) makes it possible and much more fun for “big/bad” riders to ascend real mountains and enjoy it! A trend that is clearly observable in Europe. Demographics also support the trend, (older/fatter/weaker.. but still going for it!)
    As a 97kg tall guy, I’m not impressed with how modern road bikes/brakes descend on real big mountains, the modern lightweight brake/wheel system is just not able to cope with the heat, and is totally inferior to modern disc brakes. My mtb’s are so much more easy to handle on long descents and feels WAY safer! No arm pain after hard braking, no fading, and no fear of rim tape melting (yes it has happened to me on a rental Cannondale, 13% avg, bad tarmac, lots of traffic, sharp curves, front first, back after I had managed to stop safe..). As for design and visual aesthetics, the Volagi is a nice looking bike despite the ugly Parabox. With hydraulic shift/brake levers, refined internal brake lines, frame builders has a lot of options to make a really sleek aero design up front, and much more freedom with the rear seatstay area too! My dream bike, is a very stiff 62cm bike, Di2, full hydraulic brake system, QR15 fork, room for 28mm tyres. Carbon clincher wheel 30-40mm, but perhaps with aluminium bead hooks for maximal safety. A bike that climbs really well, but descend even better! Also make it 135mm, so I can use all my future 29er/CX/road wheels interchangeable. Anyone out there, please make it happen ASAP!

What do you think?