2012 Look X85 disc brake cyclocross bike prototype

Look is showing where it thinks cyclocross bikes are headed with their prototype 2013 X85 disc Cyclocross bike. It’s their first ever ‘cross bike, and they’re not wasting anytime.

Rear axle spacing is 135, built here with Easton EC90XC 29er wheels, which illustrates why most of the bikes we’ve seen are using 135 rear spacing: You can pick any of the massive options of lightweight 29er wheels and get started right away. Of course, there are likely to be plenty of tubeless ready, disc-only wheels coming down the pipe, but this gives consumers a lot of choice to build something up anyway they want from the get go. And that’s good, because this will only launch as a frameset, no compete builds planned for launch.

See when you can get your hands on it and the Keo Power pedal system after the break…

2012 Look X85 disc brake cyclocross bike prototype

Still in prototype stage, hence the lack of cable bosses for the disc cables/hoses.

2012 Look X85 disc brake cyclocross bike prototype

27.2 seatpost, but massive stays that are heavily shaped. Should give a good mix of comfort and performance. Headtube is straight 1-1/8″ for now, but could possibly go tapered by production time. Fork will get some sort of cable management, too.

2012 Look X85 disc brake cyclocross bike prototype

2012 Look X85 disc brake cyclocross bike prototype

Full monocoque carbon frame with alloy dropouts and standard bottom bracket. Looking at a March release. Retail will be $3,499 for frame, fork and headset.

Speaking of using 29er wheels, you can start looking for 29er versions of their sleek new 920 and 986 mountain bikes for 2013. That’s not official, but heavily suggested by their reps. We’ve got weights and photos of those coming…

2012 Look Keo Power pedal based power meter with Polar computers

After being shown for more than a year, Look’s Keo Power pedal system is finally getting ready for primetime. Should be available in October in the U.S. and Europe and by January for most other markets.

2012 Look Keo Power pedal based power meter with Polar computers

The computer displays each pedal’s power output directly on the screen in real time.

Pricing will be $2,200 for the pedals and transmitters. $2,500 with the Polar CS600. Also compatible with the CS500 and RCX5 watch, so if you already have those units, you can just update them to work with the pedals. As mentioned previously, these work with Polar’s proprietary transmission language, not ANT+, which could limit their appeal to those already running Polar computers and HR monitors that simply want to add power. For everyone else, Garmin’s ANT+ based system, which just happens to run Keo-compatible pedals, likely makes more sense…and gives you GPS.


  1. I find no evidence of this on the interwebz. You would think a simple Google search for LOOK and cyclocross bicycle would turn up the odd forum post, or maybe even an image. But nothing.

  2. Doesn’t help that “Look” is both a verb and a brand name! Kind of makes it harder to find. However you can still find them on the internet if you know how to search: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16898783@N04/5700701024/in/photostream

    They also offered Columbus aluminum bikes as road and track models at this time.

    They’ve also made a small number of carbon ‘cross bikes in recent years. I’ve only seen them in France and usually being raced by elite racers so I’m guessing they’re a limited production item. Here’s pics:

  3. I think I remember an old CX bike too.

    @Speedy, finding anything related to Look Cycles, apart from their current website, if very difficult to do. Time has a similar issue.

    “Look at my new Cyclocross Bicycle”, “How does my new cyclocross bike look?”, etc.

  4. What I was able to find on the issue:

    This is last year, naturally it doesn’t have discs. Prototype?

    From CX magazine:

    While no CX specific frames were on hand, Look Cycles is recognizing the increasing popularity of cyclocross and plans to release a cyclocross bike in the near future. Although prominently featured on the cover of our Issue 3, Look has not had a production cyclocross bike in years.

  5. @Chris You win. And I also dropped by the LOOK booth at Interbike and was told the same thing. Oh, this is our first cross production bike ever. I even clarified if they meant disc specific bike, and he said first cross bike ever. Odd. I guess that’s what you get when you hire a US based rep for a French company? Always hard to check facts when the people in the know don’t really know haha.

  6. @Tyler

    I’m guessing that rep was from Look Cycle USA so he may not be familiar with their past offerings, especially those which were only imported into the USA in very small numbers (or never at all). Look Cycle USA is pretty new – I think they started up in ’06-’07 and the yellow alloy frames were earlier than that when the brand was being handled by Veltec. Would probably explain why he wasn’t familiar with them. Plus they were pretty mediocre frames, especially compare to the new carbon models being raced by the French national team and the X85 which is amazing looking. I’m betting the same rep would probably also say Look hasn’t made steel frames (also not true – they’ve made 2 steel road models over the years)

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