Updated with Lake pricing and delivery…
Also shown at the Stage-Race booth at Interbike this year were Lake footwear and ORANTAS BikeCare lubes. Stage-Race have picked up Lake after the collapse of their previous US distributors and were proudly showing off pre-production samples of that company’s road and mountain CX331 and MX331 flagships. Visually identical save their tread, the 331s have an aggressively-shaped carbon fiber bathtub sole, carbon heel reinforcement, and a single Boa closure. The CX331 and MX331 should be available late this winter or early next spring in early March for $350 apiece- though dealers can pre-order now.


ORONTAS’ Canadian-made, plant-based lubricants, grease, and cleaner were nicely presented and should claim to be a more sustainable alternative to competing products. Airline regulations prevented us from bringing home a sample but -if nothing else- they look pretty classy and are shipping now. More pictures of both after the break…

Mmm... carbon.
Mmm... lube.


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