GU had a few things laying around their Interbike booth that looked new-ish (Brew fizz tabs, etc), but what everyone seemed nutty about was the Peanut Butter flavor gel. I’m back from Vegas, out on a ride and starving.

Well, here goes nuttin’…


Honestly, the idea of this wasn’t appetizing. I’m hot and thirsty, and peanut butter just doesn’t come near the top of the list of things I’d choose to sate that feeling. But being your guinea pig is my job.

(Package opening)


(sniffs it)

Smells like peanut butter.

(inspects it)

Looks like… Well, let’s just say it looks like something I never want to see in my shorts.

(tastes it)

Tastes like… Peanut brittle. It’s a little sweet, not too salty, and, dare I say it, quite palatable. I’m sure GU won’t appreciate the comparison, but it’s a bit like a liquified peanut Clif MOJO bar.

I could actually see craving this on colder days. Perhaps just before a cross race. Yes, cross races. Maybe warmed under my shorts legs briefly. Deelish.



(Yes, Sweetie, this is why I’m home late for dinner)


  1. Man I hope the packaging has the same back image! I am slightly skeptical of the flavor concept though I do enjoy peanut butter – I’ll be ineterested to try it.

  2. Having been in the bike industry before gells and GUs came out, it sounds just fine to me. As long as it doesn’t look like the early Clif Bar gels that came in a tube and had seeds in it, it will do just fine.

    However, if GU comes out with a caffeinated chocolate (Nutella would be better), peanut butter, and sea salt, I’d be all over dim shitz like a piece of toilet paper.

What do you think?