2012 Rudy Project Windmax bicycle helmet

Rudy Project’s new Windmax helmet becomes their top of the line lid for 2012. It has a partial glass fiber reinforcement in-molded into the exterior of the shell. It comes with both a road and mountain bike visors that are color matched to the helmet. Inside, it includes both regular pads and a padded mesh bug shield. Adjustments are made with their Fastex buckle closure and RSR8 retention system that adjusts vertically, too.

2012 Rudy Project Windmax bicycle helmet

2012 Rudy Project Windmax bicycle helmet

The Windmax has some pretty massive vents in the front and top. It uses their standard retention mechanism, which works really well in our use on their Sterling helmet. If you don’t wanna rock the bug screen, there are individual pads that come with it, too. I didn’t get a chance to weigh it, but it felt pretty light.

2012 Rudy Project Windmax and Sterling bicycle helmet colors and flourescent options

On the right are some of the Windmax colorways. There are two new flourescent colors on the Sterling (left), which join the yellow they introduced about a year ago.

2012 rudy project kylix revenge rizer and hypermask cycling and sport sunglasses

Kylix (bottom right) sunglasses are made for small faces and are available in a range of frame and lens colors, including their ImpactX and Polar3FX. The Kylix XY (bottom left) gets the same frame but wider lenses. Both are like the Magster model with a polycarbonate bridge with mag arms.

Ryzer (top left) is a mid-sized frame with interchangeable colored sections on the arms.

The Hypermask Performance takes their existing full coverage Hypermask sport sunglasses with a small bridge added to the top of the lens. Why? Because some people prefer that look.

Not shown, the Revenge are the men’s version of the women’s Ability

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