Sidi has just introduced three Speedplay specific models to eliminate the adapter plate that’s required to use it on their (and everyone else’s) road shoes.

The design should save 62g compared to using those pedals on their regular shoes. It’ll be available on the T.3 triathlon shoe and the Ergo 3 and Genius 6.6 road shoes, all pictured after the break…



Their new Vent Carbon soles on the T3 and Ergo 6 uses a closeable front vent with internal channeling and vent holes in the sole to better cool the feet and push the warm air put of a rear vent behind the cleat. The design saved 38g over the regular sole, which is still on the Genius. It also improved the stiffness slightly. Win win.


  1. It’d be nice if that Speedplay specific sole trickles down to shoes that are actually somewhat affordable to the average Joe. I’m not spending >$400 for bike shoes. Now if someone were to give them to me, that’d be OK.

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