Here are a handful of neat urban-oriented pieces from our first couple of days at Interbike…

Swrve were showing the first cycling jeans ever sewn from Dupont’s new Cordura Stretch Denim.  Surprisingly soft, they feature articulated knees, a seamless gusseted crotch, and reflective patches inside the cuff and on the belt loop.  $100 out the door.

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Cateye, who have always made good, solid lights, were showing this impressive little 250 lumen USB-rechargeable front light.  Probably not the brightest in its price class, it was one of the nicer packages, and will slide easily into a pants pocket when off the bike.

For those without a lot of pocket capacity, Timbuk2 were showing some clever tools including the In Case of Emergency (top right), with 2 Allen bits, a 15mm box-end wrench, tire lever, and (of course) bottle opener.  The Cush Advance is a slimmer-still card-type tool, and the belt deploys a number of Allen bits and… opens bottles.

This merino polo, also from Swrve, looked classy and cozy.  $125 with an easy-access angled back pocket.

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