Lupine has updated their batteries with new Smart Core batteries that are fully sealed. The new tech pulls power evenly from each cell for overall longer life. The new casing is waterproof and has a built in audible and visual meters for remaining battery life. It also has a setting to flash the lights, letting you use the battery as a tail light.

The Betty and Wilma both get three beam pattern options that use a combination of various Cree LED bulbs and lenses to offer either 16°, 22° or 26°. The wider angles actually have a higher lumen count because they use more of the larger LED bulbs.

For dedicated commuters that don’t want a standalone battery, they offer the Piko and Betty as flashlight style options that mount to the handlebar.


  1. These are really nicely built systems. I have run the Piko for the last year and had zero complaints. Wait until you see the Piko flashlight/handlebar mounted lights!! I handled them yesterday and am lusting after one like you can’t believe!

  2. Holly molly, just went to Gretnabikes site to see what’s going on w/ Lupine after seeing this bikerumor article, and now they offer a 2600 lumen Betty!!! That’s another 800 lumen more than my year old Betty II.

    Just talked to them, and they’re going to offer an upgrade (<$200) next month so one can easily upgrade their older Betty to the 2600 lumen.

    And, now their piko is 750 lumen, and for $300 that's still cheaper than their competitors for similar power.

  3. I found most of their lights bulky and awkward (with the exception of the piko obviously). The higher power lights waste most of their lumens with poor beam patterns shooting it out of range – this especially true with the new 750 lumen light. The button feels cheap and the mounting systems are also not well thought out. I thought they screamed chinese made. 🙁 and I thought of MagicShine and exploding batteries.

  4. @ Editz- the rear light is actually the lights on the battery indicator; i.e. it can be used as a tail light in a pinch as there is a programming mode on the smart core battery that will keep the indicator lights on.
    @ Steve the Piko is 750 (real) lumens for 330$’s retail and weighing in at a ‘bulky’ 180 grams with the battery and connectors . Most companies rate the individual LED’s contained within their systems; if Lupine rated them like this then the Piko would be a 2000 Lumen lighting set up (it is rated at 750 and that is what it produces). The beam angle is 22 degrees which is precisely focussed yet wide enough to enhance peripheral illumination.
    For more information check out this lighting test from Mtbr.com: http://reviews.mtbr.com/blog/2011-bike-lights-shootout
    Note that the above test was done when the Lumen rating for the Piko was at 550 lumens (it has been upgraded to 750)
    The larger lights (Betty and Wilma) are actually available in multiple beam angles for people who are concerned with having a more focused beam (16 degrees); the best average of penetration and peripheral (22 degrees); and the widest beam (26 degrees)
    Lupine has been around since the late 90’s and their GERMAN MADE quality shines through in everything they do. The lights formerly known as ‘Magic Shines’ were a direct chinese rip off of their revolutionary single LED light the Tesla. Lupine lights are manufactured to the highest standards with the best available components in Germany and have never had any exploding battery issues. The US distributor is gretnabikes.com.

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