Nalini’s new high end shoe, the Kraken, features a full carbon sole with a steel insert and rubberized clear mounting section. The latter keeps your clears from sliding wildly should they accidentally come loose (I’ve had it happen). Weight is 290g per shoe. The upper is a leathery feeling microfiber with a rubberized toe cap. Inside is an antimicrobial, anatomical footbed with molded thermoplastic heel cup.

Update: The Kraken will be $360 and be available in the U.S. in October.


Sci’con’s Aeronaut saddle bag uses their quick release mount and has a rubber molded cover that morphs around the base.



Their mini tool bag uses the same quick mount and has two tire levers and a slick pivoting mini tool integrated into the design, saving a lot of space.


Kreig’s saddle bags come in all sorts of side panel fabrics, including fuzzy pink and cow.


  1. So I guess I get to be the first one to ask: when will they release the Kraken?

    But seriously, that rubberized toe-“cap” would look better on a mtb shoe. It looks a little bulky for the road. Maybe if they removed those raised lines.

    (*cleats, not clears)

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