LH Thomson red blue and gold color options for stem faceplates and top caps

LH Thomson is now shipping red, blue and gold anodized stem faceplates with matching steerer tube top caps. They’re available now and come with new bolts in black and silver to match whichever stem color you have.


Hammer Nutrition has new Apple and Cranberry Flavors in their energy bars, Grape in their Fizz electrolyte tablets and an all new chocolate protein bar with 20g of whey protein. I tried the bars and they’re all pretty good. The energy bars are made with real, whole foods.


Skins has new gradient compression triathlon clothing. Shown here is the women’s two piece, which is their first female-specific triathlon gear. The padding is thin enough to be comfortable while running, and it’s also available in a one-piece and in men’s versions, too.


  1. I actually thought that the peanut butter chocolate bar was awful.. I tried the sample and couldn’t get the taste out my mouth, then reached for their Fizz sample and it just made it worse…

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