Interbike 2011: The Beetle handmade scoot bike

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The consensus among the cycling parents that I’ve met is that pedal-free ‘scoot bikes’ are probably the best way to get toddlers started on two wheels.  Tucked away in a corner at Interbike we found what is probably the most unique scoot bike we’ve come across: The Beetle.

Hand made in Breckenridge, CO of beetle-killed lodgepole pine, The Beetle’s aesthetic is a contrast to Renovo’s wood frames- and is just about perfect for kids.  With the exception of the tires, The Beetle is 100% sourced in the USA, in an effort to keep the sustainability and ethical manufacturing theme.

At $275, The Beetle isn’t inexpensive, but principles rarely are and the construction seems solid enough to last through several little ones.



5 thoughts on “Interbike 2011: The Beetle handmade scoot bike

  1. “Scoot bike?” I’ve always called these “balance bikes.” Still, it’s an interesting take on the concept no matter what you call it.

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