2012 Speedplay Syzr mountain bike pedals finally getting near production

Long in development, the Speedplay Syzr pedals may yet overcome the Duke Nukem curse and make it to production. PR man Jasen Thorpe says they’re getting made real soon with a January forecast to be at retail. Still finalizing the front clip shape, which they say really affects the release feel. The outer housing, which is new since the last time we saw them, is the same basic material that the Zero pedal is made of, which is about 30% stronger than what the Frog is made of.

More pics and actual weight after the break…

2012 Speedplay Syzr mountain bike pedals finally getting near production

2012 Speedplay Syzr mountain bike pedals finally getting near production


  1. I love speedplay road pedals, but please keep the plastic bits out of my MTB pedals. I would have thought speedplay had learned after all the Frog breakages. Time will tell if these are durable.

  2. wow, everybody needs to relax and keep their negative opinions/reviews to themselves until we can actually get our hands on a pair. Since when did (nearly) all Bike Rumor comment fields turn into an internetz forum pissing contest?

  3. I’m really excited about these pedals. I use Speedplay exclusively because my knees prefer the “like ice” float their pedals have, but the Frogs left a lot to be desired. These pedals look like they’ll take care of the play problems in the Frogs by separating the float from the engagement. I hear the concerns about buildup and possible cleat breakage, but I’m willing to give them a try for that smooth float and hopefully better engagement.

  4. infinitely adjustable float sets it apart. widely spaced metal tabs on the cleat that mate with the pedal, stabilizing the foot it good too. you wont have to fiddle with shoe tread depth for just the right amount of support/interference. composite bodies have stood the test of TIME (pun very much intended). if the gap fills with mud, you momentarily get slightly less float, probably.
    ive been waiting for these pedals to come out for a long time. i wish they werent so heavy…

  5. When I am see it right they misfitted the cleats? Thought the the sign ‘front’ should be at the frontside of the shoe.. but I could be wrong. About the pedal, I am not sure if this really is something we were waiting for. Until now I think that nothing beat the eggbeaters…

  6. If they are better than Frogs, I’ll have a pair.
    The way to find out is to buy them.
    Wonder when that will be.
    So far I’ve been waiting 3 years.
    If they don’t come before my now 7 year old Frogs are completely broken in the plast part, I’ll buy another pair of Frogs.

  7. No idea why these pedals were delayed for 4 years… But they’re finally available.

    Still happily using three sets of Speedplay Frog pedals, not sure that I’ll try out the Syzr’s or not.

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