2012 Race Face SixC carbon downhill crankset and Atlas XC freeride crankset for mountain bikes Race Face is back and making their products better than ever. Most of the items on display at Interbike are updates and improvements on existing models, but there are some entirely new items on offer. The new SixC carbon downhill crank is the lightest full production DH crank on the market (their claim), 100g lighter than closest competitor. All in, it’s just 650g with BB, 36T ring and 165mm arms. Rubber end caps protect the cranks’ aesthetics, but Marcel Jacob, Race Face’s sales mgr, says they’re not necessary to maintain structural integrity. All Six cranks get new steel pedal thread inserts rather than alloy and thicker 4.5mm chainring tabs, same as Shimano Saint. $549.99. Lots more when you click through… 2012 Race Face SixC carbon downhill crankset for mountain bikes 2012 Race Face SixC carbon downhill crankset for mountain bikes 2012 Race Face atlas xc and freeride crankset for mountain bikes The Atlas Crank is completely redesigned and 50g lighter. It gets the thicker chainring tabs, too, and a new EXI interface that makes installation super easy. Jacob says it can be done with a multi tool rather than the major torque needed to tighten their old X-Type cranks. This change carries across all of their cranks. The Atlas also gets new topic topographics of Whistler’s bike park, which replaces the North Shore map of old. $319 with BB (no rings). Comes with a granny spider, which is visible on the other crankset behind it in the pic above. By taking it off, it allows better clearance for chainguides when running it singlespeed. You can also run it as a double with bash guard. They don’t sell it with rings because they figure people will want to get the exact gearing they want rather than what RF tells them they should use. 2012 Race Face Chester downhill and dirt jump crankset for mountain bikes Chester crank replaces the Ride DH as the budget option. $99 with BB (no rings). Weight is 950g with 36T ring and 165mm. 2012 Race Face Atlas riser handlebar with 1-25 inch rise New 1.25″ rise Atlas handlebar. 785mm width, weight is about 330g. Black, orange, red, blue, stealth (matte black) and gold. $79.99 (shown at bottom compared to their original -and still available- half inch rise model) 2012 Race Face turbine stem with zero rise and BB30 bottom bracket adapter The Turbine stems, which got a refresh just before the company’s collapse earlier this year, gets new 0° rise option. $94.99. Not new but worth showing given the times, they have PF92 and PFBB30 bottom brackets that drop down to their 25.4mm spindles.


  1. Good to see race face back making the good quality products they used to. Too bad no Canadian retailer will stock any of it thanks to them jumping the local bike shop ship and going with MEC for all it’s distribution. For a lot of people, Race Face might as well have stayed dead.

  2. MEC does not distribute RF. They stock Ride and Evolve product and don’t have access to any of the goodies above. Xris is spreading mis-information. I work in a shop in BC and we’re booking a ton of RF this year.

  3. I have worked in a shop in Toronto for many years and yes, MEC can distribute the parts above. Just look on their site. I should have probably stated that Raceface has not solely given 100% of its distribution to MEC and that shops that once did carry raceface can carry it’s line again going directly to Raceface, but with what they pulled 2 years ago just before the collapse, not a lot of shops want to get back into it. Not wanting to spread any mis-information, this is just my experience with the whole ordeal.

  4. It’s about time,it used to be RaceFace was heavy duty stuff. Then they went soft. Glad to see them back catering to the core group that got them off the ground!!!

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