WTB has expanded their Weirwolf tire pattern to 29ers. It’ll only come in a massive 29×2.5 that weighs in at 940g. The tread pattern rewards aggressive riding, and personally, works better in the rear mated to their Wolverine up front, but I’m no Mark Weir.

The Moto tread pattern makes a comeback, updated with their TCS tubeless compatible casing and bead. It’s designed for grass, soft ground and mud. Weights are 610g to 840g for the 26″ tires depending on size and casing. 2.1 and 2.3 on offer. For 29ers, there’s a 650g 1.9 only.


The new Frequency i19 rims will sell as a rim only. They’re based on the Stryker profile with I-beam construction and 4D drilling to eliminate the need for eyelets and distribute the spoke stress a full 360°. This makes for a stiffer, lighter rim. Inside, the TCS design has their “On-Ramp” bead socket to guide the tire bead into the notch, helping it seat and seal with only a floor pump.

It’ll be available in 26″ (385g) and 29er (430g). Inside width is 19mm, outer is 23mm.

There’s also the Frequency i23 with inside width of 23mm and outer at 28mm. Weights are 455g and 470g.


  1. Ah, I was noticing that the Weirwolf 29×2.55 LT had left WTB’s website. It was pretty heavy too, but had good suspension for rigid fork users. This version looks like it’ll have much better cornering capabilities!

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