SKS just released the Spaero, a new mini pump with retractable hose, flip flop head for either Schrader or Presta valve. The barrel twist locks and has a cover to keep dust and dirt out when not in use. It maxes out at 73psi, so it’s mainly for mountain bikes and commuter bicycles.

It’s available in either a plastic or alloy body. Prices and weights are $35/134g and $40/160g respectively.


Smith’s new Pivlock V2 Max takes the original design and gives it a harder edge. The original will still be offered, too, but it doesn’t get this:


An adjustable nose piece has small, indexed hinges to micro adjust the fit. MSRP is $159 with three sets of lenses.


White Lightning’s really new item is an aerosol version of their Epic Ride light lube, which can also be used for fork stanchions. But what was eye catching is The Trigger, a chain cleaner attachment for their aerosol chain cleaner. You place it around the chain, squeeze trigger to close it then depress the spray button with your thumb to put solvent into the chamber. It clamps on, so you only need to replace the spray can when it goes empty. MSRP is $25.99.


  1. this is the only chain cleaning device i’ve found to work on single spped / fixed gear / bmx bikes – i have both this one and the Finish Line one – but the Finish Line one, like all others, requires slack in the chain from a derailleur.. so this one gets the most use – especially on my BMX bikes – lot’s of folks don’t even know it exists, but it’s the fastest easiest to use, in my opinion….

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