2012 Trickstuff DoppelMoppel hydraulic to mechanical disc brake converter

Trickstuff’s DoppelMoppel is a recently launched hydraulic-to-mechanical disc brake adapter to compete with the TRP Parabox. The cables run into the front and pull a cantilevered wheel to push the plunger into the master cylinder and move the pads. It’s available now, but pricing isn’t listed yet.

They also had a variety of other new and interesting parts and adapters that we hadn’t seen before. Check the full collection after the break…

2012 Trickstuff DoppelMoppel hydraulic to mechanical disc brake converter

The DoppelMoppel is hooked up to their brakes on the other end, which look fantastic. Because of their two-piece design, you can order them up with colors mixed and matched however you want. They’ll work with levers from SRAM, Shimano and Campy, and you can run them to brakes from Avid, Formula and Hope, too.

The color options are pretty good and extend to the levers and reservoir caps, too.

Trickstuff tricksatz hydraulic disc brake hose adapter runs brake line through the steerer tube

The Trickster und Dirtcap runs a hydraulic disc brake line into the top cap of their adapter and connects it through the steerer tube for DJ and trick bikes.

The Tricksatz uses a bump stop to keep the handlebar from spinning too far around.

Lightweight machined caliper adapters.

centerlock to 6-bolt brake rotor adapter

CenterLock to 6-bolt brake rotor adapter.

carbocage carbon fiber chainguide

CarboCage carbon fiber chainguide.

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