2012 Limar Ultralight worlds lightest bicycle helmet

Limar has a consistent theme at the tradeshows each year: Show the “World’s Lightest Helmet”.

This year, they made it look good. The new Ultralight is, in my opinion, much better looking than last year’s, but it remains a claimed 170g for a CE approved lid. Besides better looks, it gets more ventilation thanks to larger, better shaped vents and more comfort thanks to a different pad and internal layout. Even with an integrated bug net, padded adjustable chinstrap and adjustable mechanical retention tipped our scales at just 173g (actual) for the CE standard, and around 200g (claimed) for the large .

If the stare down doesn’t convince you it’s finally grown into its skin, click through to see its backside…

2012 Limar Ultralight worlds lightest bicycle helmet

CPSC version has been submitted for approval. The shell is inmolded into the helmet. For CPSC, they may have to change the type of EPS foam used which should only add 10-20g. The tail fin spoiler gives a nice aero look, and the vents are really big.

2012 Limar Ultralight worlds lightest bicycle helmet

2012 Limar Ultralight worlds lightest bicycle helmet

Road versions don’t have the clip necessary to mount the visor, only the mountain bike models, Otherwise they’re the same.

US MSRP will be $199. Available next spring.


  1. Not too bad. I like the hair, er, bug net. Not really digging the faux carbon look (or whatever you want to call it) on the back section.

  2. That rear spoiler really helps. If you go over 120 mph. But the helmet’s really for crashes. If you tuck and roll bhsi.org says the pointy end can catch and break your neck. Not too likely but as long as they like ugly appendages, why not fins and wings, or really cool: a propeller?.

  3. Have to agree Patrick. Another helmet with a bloody spoiler. Well we buy Pinnas with bendy stays and Speshes with curved top tubes so why not a helmet with a spoiler. We are obviously a market of tasteless buffoons with tassels on our handlebars 🙂

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