specialized fsr motorcycle mountain bike concept













Rumor: something to the effect of “we really enjoyed working with McLaren, it’s a safe bet there will be some more projects with them in the future.”



  1. Those two are good, but the unicorn puking a rainbow is taking the cake for me.

    There was a guy in MASS that built a concept motorized downhill bike, or ultra-light dirt bike,depending on how you look at it, a couple years ago.
    Search the Bustedspoke.com forums.

  2. @Specilized, to much “pretty” and not enough engineering, test, modify, test, modify, test, modify,brutal race test, modify,brutal race test, race victory, release to public. Pretty goes on the wall or coffee table and not on the bike. Thanks!

  3. The good news is that I’ll never buy a Specialized bicycle (they were cool in the early 90’s, but something went horribly wrong), the bad news is I can’t escape their marketing and PR machine.

  4. To AlloyCowboy and greg,
    Specialized most certainly tests there frames. Ive seen it in person at Specialized HQ in Morgan Hill CA. In the two years I worked at a Specialized shop I sent 3 frames back. I now work at a Trek shop and send back 1 or 2 frames back a WEEK! Not enough engineering, I say BS! I love it when people talk crap on any company and dont know anything about them.

  5. @ Waterdog1er. To tell you the truth, without being misunderstood, comments like yours make people talk crap on companies that they are not familiar with. You see, you happen to know about both companies, still your 1st comment is not flattering for Trek & I can only assume that there are a lot riders or mechanics sharing the same thoughts as you do.

  6. The best products are always a combination of good Industrial Design and good Engineering… I was drinking at Bell’s Brewery yesterday and some drunk dude was going on about how Bell’s had sold out… but yet there he sat… he was even bitching that the bathroom was too nice now… Growth means money, size, etc. but it also means more money for special projects, more money for research & development etc. The 800lb gorilla may not be the fan favorite since America loves the underdog but they certainly help move the species forward… I don’t know if all that was relevant to the discussion but wtf, I just woke up…

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