FSA Gravity Adds Colors, Carbon Bars

FSA’s Gravity line added a few goodies. The white grips on the top bar are new lock-on models. The bar on the bottom is the final version of a wide carbon flat bar they showed at Sea Otter. Make the jump to see a few more toys…

Some of their bars now come in white, too. But, if the white out phase has become boring to you…

The rainbow goblins have gotten hold of their cranks, which will soon make their way to a dealer near you. Yes, I know this pic is upside down, but this is posting from my phone and I can’t do a darn thing about it.


2 thoughts on “FSA Gravity Adds Colors, Carbon Bars

  1. Oh No purple again. What are people thinking I can still remember the last purple phase back in the early 90’s, it still sends shivers up my spine. I was running a shop in Key West and this one guy wanted everything purple on his purple Trek – Odyssey rims, Ti spokes, Avid Tri danglers, housing, Avid brake levers, grips, bars,Topline cranks, plus more

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