FSA’s Vision line is ready to ship the new fully integrated Metron TFA (The Fastest Aerobar) with integrated brake levers, aero bars and stem.

The stem has shims that allow up to 2° of angular adjustment. Cable routing runs inside the bars an pops out the side of the stem. Aero bars have 60mm of adjustment by cutting the front of the tubes. They are replaceable in case you need to change your position or sell the bike to someone taller. The complete integration of the parts that are normally clamped on as after thoughts allows them to make it stiffer and lighter. It comes in at a claimed 818g. Stem length options are 80, 90 and 100mm, it has a 410mm base bar width and max 290mm extension.

The cut lines are printed on the ends so you can get each side the same. Note the integrated brake levers in the background.

The brake and shift cables pop out the side of the stem.

They’re now starting to deliver new the new bar end shifters to work with Shimano’s current generation of front derailleurs that require different cable pull.

The Metron derailleurs that have been shown in recent years are still in development. They’ve redesigned the molds and U.S. Managing Director Matt VanEnkevort says the new stuff is in testing and it’s not far away from being finalized. He says the new stuff looks nothing like the prototypes that have been shown in the past.

They also have a new set of Hub Tools aimed at shops (they’re expensive) that make servicing FSA hubs easier and should work with various other brands thanks to swappable pieces.


  1. He means they look like nothing because there is nothing.  They’ve said this group was coming out soon each of the past 6 years! Where’s my spherical budging chain?

    They should make a road electric group with hydraulic disc brakes. Since they are handlebar kings, they could make an integrated bar with brake hoods molded to the bar.

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