2012 Rockshox Monarch XX with XLoc hydraulic remote lockoutRockshox has a formal press announcement scheduled for tomorrow, but they just leaked this image of an all-new Monarch XX rear shock with X-Loc hydraulic remote lockout. Seems SRAM likes to trickle things out this year.

Assuming it works like the XLoc for their forks, the action should be super smooth at the button with minimal weight added to the system. If it’s a true, full lockout with only “emergency” break open valves a la Floodgate, we’ll be pretty pleased.

More coming soon…


  1. Remotes are great, but good lord… soon my handlebar will have a remote front lockout, remote rear lockout, remote seatpost dropper, remote clipless pedal release, remote bottom bracket grease port…

    ok, maybe just hte first three. But still, I don’t have that much real estate or that many thumbs!

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