New for 2012, Lazer has introduced a new hi-viz yellow graphic treatment called FLURO. This bright yellow “be seen” color is not a simple spray on application like others, but instead it is part of the shell itself. That means it won’t wear off, or fade away over the years.

The new flash yellow color will be available on the popular Helium road helmet, the Nirvana MTB helmet, and the Tardiz aero helmet.


  1. I forgot my helmet on a recent trip, and I had to pick up an emergency replacement at a small shop in a rural town. The selection was limited, and the best fit was a kind of lime green. I don’t mind the color, but it attracts pollinators. That’s right, bugs keep flying into the vents. One of them stung me on the head. The other day I ripped it off when I felt yet another flying insect get sucked into a vent, and I found a huge freakin’ bumblebee.

    I don’t think I’ll be getting any more floral colored helmets.

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