2012 Cannondale prototype TT Time Trial Triathlon road bike with integrated brakes

Nevermind the Slice, Cannondale just leaked this image of a prototype TT/Triathlon bike they’re working on. With razor sharp edges, it eschews the flowing lines of recent aero bikes but goes with the integrated brake arms that seem to be trendy.

“It’s no secret we’re always trying to make better products.  This is a prototype of our new TT bike and it’s still very much in the testing phase.  If there was a way to fully prove it out it in private, believe us, we would…but despite all of our sophisticated testing protocols, there is just no substitute for having the best athletes in the world put the product through its paces in real racing situations. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes our testing takes place in the public eye. It’s not ideal from a pure marketing standpoint, but it is integral to the process of building the best bikes possible. We’re not prepared to comment further on the details right now but the initial results are looking really good! Stay tuned.” -Bob Burbank, General Manager Cannondale

Close up of the brakes when you hit ‘more’…

2012 Cannondale prototype TT Time Trial Triathlon road bike with integrated brakes


  1. Well at least they didn’t use the term “Game Changing”…yet. As for “not ideal from a marketing standpoint” what do you call this supposed “leak”? And there are plenty of ways to prove it out in public. AWP, you pay want to double check that. I wonder whose decision it was to not have Basso ride it?

  2. “It’s not ideal from a pure marketing standpoint”- why did you spend so much money painting and logo’ng the bike if you didnt want to beg for attention?
    or is that another pre-production race bike that Cdale will never deliver

  3. this isn’t the first leak, it has been under liquigas for a few weeks and its already been on the interwebs for awhile now.

  4. I have owned 6 Cannondale Slice’s.. and looks like i wont own a 7th if they release this ugly bike… it has to look cool as well people

  5. “…results really good looking”. I know they mean “good” wind tunnel results, but “good looking” should never be used in the same sentence that is describing this bike. Perhaps the seatpost is a a publicity stunt to get extra attention. It certainly is set apart from all the other cutting edge TT bikes, nearly all of which have the looks that make me say “yea I’d own that”. Dear CanyonSnail, this is not a good looking bike.

  6. It’ll be interesting to see how the bike compares aerodynamically to the other top offerings from other manufacturers. I think pretty much all the top TT bikes are pretty damned ugly, but I bet riders looking to get the best performance really don’t care what their bike looks like.

  7. This thing looks awesome for what it is. I would love to get on it and see how it is. I am sure if Cannondale will design something like this it has to be better than what they had before.

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