Six_Pack_mk2_2012_crop7Across the pond, Exposure Lights is pumping out some high quality, high lumens packing, self contained lighting systems.  To help keep the lights cooler, and thus, make them last longer, Exposure is introducing their Thermal Management (ITM) technology for the 2012 product range.

ITM’s main goal is to keep the LED’s from over heating, which causes them to become less efficient.  The patented ITM technology is claimed to increase burn time by helping save battery power as well.

ITM is not the only upgrade to be found here either.  The housings have been tweaked to help rid the lights of heat.  Exposure has upped the anti with more powerful LEDs across the entire range, starting with the Six Pack and going all the way down the line to the Spark.   And don’t worry, all the great features such as the Smart Port, fuel gage, and cable free design are still there.



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