You’ve seen them here, and while A’ME’s heated grips are a completely unique product in the market place, sales haven’t been quite where they need to be. Call it what you will, but the lack in sales is most likely due to the relatively high original retail price of $350. No one was getting rich off of the deal though, as the grips are expensive to create and A’ME cares about local bike shops and wanted to ensure that they were able to sell the set with a proper margin.

Hoping to boost sales, A’ME has now set the retail of the entire kit to $199! Now this is clearly still a lot of money for a pair of grips, but it is $150 less than the previous retail. In order to facilitate the price drop, heated grips will now be sold dealer direct and won’t be sold to distributors. Also, over the past year improvements in their manufacturing have allowed for a price drop as well. In the end, dealers will still be able to sell the grips at a decent margin, consumers get the benefit of toasty warm hands in the winter for much less, and A’ME gets more of their product out in the wild. Winter is coming, get ready.


  1. Why would you buy $200 dollar heated cycling grips when you can just wear warmer cycling gloves? These grips don’t make sense.

  2. @dgaddis, those are for motorcycles. Heated grips for motorcycles have been out for ages, and usually hardwire into the bike’s electrical system. Not quite something that can be done on a bicycle…

    @alloycowboy, for some that is a viable option. Personally, I can’t stand bulky gloves, and the heated grips allow me to wear much thinner gloves than I normally do, and I welcome the added dexterity.

  3. I tried these at a race on a cold, rainy day, and they are NICE. It makes thing much nicer having toasty warm hands. Same as on my moto, seat and grip heaters = comfort.

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