Argon 18’s releasing small bits and pieces to tease their new E118 aerodynamic TT/Triathlon bike. Three videos so far. Full unveil coming at Eurobike. The other two are after the break…


  1. Hey, Mikey. Where is your proof that Argon’s bikes are made in “Chinese frame sweat shops?” In fact where is your proof that Blue’s and Scott’s frames are in fact made in “sweat shops”? It sure is easy to make such claims because you can do without actually having to engage the brain. The difficult thing is to actually provide facts after claims just leap out of one’s mouth or leap off the keyboard right into the internet tubes.

  2. @Nick, yes it does look similiar to the BMC…probably a reflection of tt bike design often distilling to the same end,( for example the implimentation of Tektro’s (TRP) new intregrated brakes)
    I saw early designs of this bike over two yrs ago, so it is not a case of appropriating an existing design, this design has been in the works for literally yrs (as are most)… Also keep in mind that within the industry there are a number of design engineers who are work under contract (many small/medium sized bike companies can’t afford to keep a stable of engineers on staff) …so you will see bikes that do look similar because there is a common engineer in the design process. (& no, I am not saying, nor implying that that is the case here)

    @At Michael…After numerous trips to Taiwan & China (I work in the industry) These bikes you speak are not built in sweatshops…They are built by trained & skilled workers. Martec, Giant, etc have state of the art factories, & well paid workers (and yes, well paid is relative to the country). As one industry insider noted, the reason they switched to Asian production was the expertise & level of detail to the work (ie: laying up the mold)…or as he put it more succintly … “they give a damn & take great pride in the finished product”.

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