2012 Lezyne Super Drive bicycle light with Cree LED bulbs

Floating around the Interweb as a poorly kept secret, Lezyne has formally announced their new bicycle lights.

Three models will be offered, all with 100% CNC-machined aluminim screw-cap enclosures, Cree LED bulbs, USB rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and adjustable handlebar mounts. Lezyne says the use of the high-end LEDs combined with their “engineered design” mirror polish parabolic reflector and front lens provide category leading brightness and beam pattern. The alloy body claims to dissipate heat better and handle expected abuse, and it uses rubber seals around any opening to provide water resistance. All three models are available in a high polish gray (shown), black or silver finish.

Above is the top-end Super Drive model with 450 lumens and a weight of 126g. It has four power modes: 450/300/150 lumens plus flash.  MSRP $109.99.

2012 Lezyne Power Drive bicycle light with Cree LED bulbs

The Power Drive is a bit smaller with 300/200/100 lumen output plus flash and weighs in at a claimed 120g. MSRP is $89.99.

2012 Lezyne Mini Drive bicycle light with Cree LED bulbs

For those that just need to be seen or want to go minimalist (or budget), the Mini Drive puts out 150/100/50 lumens but gets two flash modes, fast and slow. Claimed weight is just 66g. MSRP $69.99.

All three models will have extra batteries available. Each light comes with a “composite matrix” handlebar mount for both 31.8 and 25.4 handlebars that mount via a simple thumb screw. They also come with a USB charging cable. The lights promise broad, even light dispersion throughout the beam pattern – side to side and near to far – with no “hot spots.”

Another poorly kept secret is that Lezyne is launching a full range of shop and/or home mechanic tools. If they look anything like the rest of their products they should prove lustworthy, but we won’t see them until Eurobike.


  1. I’d like to know the runtime in each mode too. All three top models use Li-Ion batteries and only the bottom model uses AA?

    More details please.

  2. Can you buy extra handlebar mounts? I know you can take it off easily, but once the angle is set, I prefer to just move the light from bike to bike.

  3. there are only 3 lights, the mini, power and super. all use Li-Ion batteries
    run times will be published soon on upgradebikes.co.uk
    extra mounts will be available and they fit in many helmet mounts already available, with spares available too

  4. Great another fantastic light that thieves will have no problem swiping right off your bike the second you forget and walk into the building.

    Why is it no company makes a light that will allow a security bolt anti-theft option? Geez! Who wants to pay big bucks for a light and then have to think out it every second that it is on your bike?

    But it is a great looking light.

  5. Kyle – I have to disagree with you. Far better to have a light you can take off you bike than one that gets butchered by a thief.

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