Gore Ride-On super lightweght fiber optic shift cables for road bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bicycles

Gore Ride-On cables have just introduced two new cable systems, the highlight of which is the incredibly lightweight housing shown above.

Called Ultra Lite, the cable housing is made of fiber optic materials and weighs next to nothing. For a road bike it would weigh under 40g for two meters length versus about 80g for standard housing. For mountain bikes, there’s no metal in the system, so it won’t rust. Gore says it won’t compress any more than regular housing. Pricing TBD.

UPDATE: First impressions, real weights and pricing posted here.

Gore Ride-On super lightweght fiber optic shift cables for road bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bicycles

I had the chance to handle these at PressCamp and a full length spool felt feather light. I expect to start seeing these on manufacturer’s dream build show bikes by next year’s NAHBS.

Gore Ride-On pre-lubricated sealed shifting cable system for mountain bikes

Gore Ride-On is now lubricating their fully sealed cable system, which is intended for mountain bikes. They tested using 180 degree bends with 20lb weight on one end of the cable, then introduced mud and simulated 30 days of continous riding. Up to now, the liner wasn’t lubricated, and the Professional System for road with the partial lining and lubricated housing had lower total friction. Now, the liner in the MTB system has light lubrication in the actual liner, and Gore says the friction for the fully sealed system is equal to the Pro system for road. In bullet point form, here are the upgrades from the PR:

  • Full length liner is now completely lubricated, reducing friction by more than 20%, improving shifting feel and precision
  • Stainless cable enables use of an advanced version of the Gore coating, further reducing friction and reducing chance of corrosion
  • Redesigned, shortened GRUB seal, ensures compatibility with all new derailleurs
  • One year limited warranty
  • Easy to install
  • 5mm housing, compatible with all major mountain bike shifting systems



  1. Looks exactly the same as the outer they used to used before they stopped selling them a few years ago. I still have a set on my commuter which are about 4 years old and have done over 40,000 miles. Can’t recommend the highly enough.

  2. I don’t understand the “fiber optic” reference… At first I thought this was some sort of fiber optic upgrade to the Di2 copper wiring.

  3. Fiber optic material? Which material is that? Core and cladding in fiber optic cables are made from either glass or plastic. The jacket in fiber optic cables is made from, well, materials a lot like the jackets covering wire cables and the like. Since fiber optics are designed for transmitting light and not being placed under a load (except fiber optic strain gauges or in some applications using Bragg gratings), like compression or tension, what exactly is the purpose for saying they are “fiber optic shift cables”? Oh wait, this must be where blogging….er, I mean journalism…. intersects with actual knowledge. In this case, there is no intersection: they’re skew lines.

  4. Okay, I just checked the calendar, and it’s clearly not April 1. Fiber optic shifting, really? Is this supposed to be for some sort of quantum-tunneling Bose-Einstein super-position drive system? Next they’ll be selling us stem-lube!

  5. Robin, I can send you a snip & then you can test it with you gauge…It really is the Bomb..too bad it is not made anymore but on 3 of my bikes. It is as good as DA2 shifting!

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