1. cool looking bike, i would total rock one but i would not do the thought shifting
    i feel that there are some other products they could have used to make it more advanced in both look and function.
    solid looking build though, even though i hate toyotas

  2. I see the future: a vindictive Andy Schleck wills Alberto Contador’s FD to over-shift and drop the chain, and immediately Schleck goes on the attack.

  3. Johan, I was told by Parlee that there are no plans to produce the bike for the market, neither with mind-control capacities or as a frameset. I do like the design (of the frameset) and if they were to build upon and refine it, it would sell. Either way, it’s a fun project to follow.

  4. As if mind-to-thumb-to-button is a limitation needing to be overcome…

    There are interesting avenues to pursue with electronic shifting; a direct brain link is not one of them.

    Automatically selecting the most appropriate gear is achievable and might be especially valuable to full suspension bikes with drivetrain/suspension interactions, but you still need buttons for manual overrides and to avoid automatic shifting at the wrong moments. This brain sensing stuff and full automation is the exact wrong direction to be going. Riders need the bike to do the right thing MORE often, not less. I think logging gear selection along with other data might be useful for training. Add grade, speed, cadence, and power sensors instead of brain sensors and you’d be in business. They aimed for Prius but made a Pacer.

  5. Craig, it’s simply a project. There’s no need no fuss about it. There are no plans to take mind-control shifting to bike shops floors, unless SRAM has something up their sleeves…

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