selle san marco concour bicycle saddle combines lightweight with classic shaping for modern bicycle comfort

The new Selle San Marco Concor (left) saddle takes cues from the original design and gives it modern cues like a flatter nose and carbon rails. It gets a trimmer mid section and a milder ramp in the rear than previous designs. It’s also significantly lighter than their Concor Vintage (right) or Concor Light. More pics after the break…


  1. Looks like the bastard child of an Antares and and Arione. Maybe they didn’t think Fizik had enough animal totems for their saddles.

    Engineer sitting around one day thinking: “Well, I’m not a snake . . . but I’m not a chameleon either. Got it! Snakemeleon!” Fizik wouldn’t bite so he dragged his sorry idea down the street to Selle San Marco.

    Better yet, this could be the chance for a much-needed collaboration between Selle and rap entrepreneur Chamillionaire.

  2. Also, the graphics aren’t doing them any favors. What’s with the off-center red dot on the nose?

    Soon be be heard on your next club ride: “Um . . . Roger, it looks like you’re having some kind of discharge, you should probably see a urologist.”

  3. I’ve had several versions of SSM Concors over the years – it’s a comfy shape but they inevitably give me a bad case of numbnuts after a while. I just replaced my Concor Light with another saddle last weekend and it’s great to feel my junk again. Good to see they at least went with a cutout in the shell of the new one.

  4. “It’s also significantly lighter than their Concor Vintage (right) or Concor Light. ”

    so how much does it weigh then?

  5. are they taking the opposite approach of current seats with cut-outs? I don’t understand how a rise, right where my penile nerve runs, is a good thing.. Selle SMP has it right with a huge cut out that runs almost the length of the saddle

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