Admittedly, when I stumbled across the then prototype Time X-roc pedals at Interbike last year, I was instantly excited. I’ve been Time fan ever since I got my first pair from West Chester Cyclery’s closeout table back in the day. Over the years, as my riding style has changes so has what I expect from my pedals. Recently, I’ve grown accustomed to the additional support of the new Shimano Trail pedals which have slowly pulled me away from my beloved Times. With the knowledge that the X-rocs were coming, I anxiously awaited their arrival to see if they were as good as what I envisioned as I first laid eyes on them.

The X-rocs are in, both in the Bikerumor offices, and bike shops nation wide. Curious what they weigh, and how they stack up?

Find out after the break!


Compared to likes of the XTR M985 pedals, the X-roc S isn’t the lightest, but only adds an additional 50 or so grams with a pair of X-rocs coming in at 448g. However, that weight isn’t wasted as Time states that both models of the X-rocs feature an oversized axle so you can go big, without a broken pedal causing you to go home. Also, the physical size of the X-roc is much bigger than that of the Shimano trail pedals which offers a more platform pedal like foothold when trying to pedal without being clipped in.



Like other Time pedals, the X-rocs utilize Time’s ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) spring. It’s been around for ages, because it works and in my opinion, feels really good. I was a bit dismayed when Time went from the round ATAC springs to the square ones, as for me they lost the smooth feel I had become accustomed to. Thankfully, Time reintroduced the round springs in the Roc series of pedals and of course are continuing the round springs through the X-rocs as well.

The X-roc S shown above also features a spring tension adjust so you can fine tune the feel of your pedals. Simply find a small flat head screwdriver to insert through the holes in the cage, and turn the two tension adjust screws on the main pedal body. The X-rocs use the same brass cleat as all other time pedals, so you are still offered the chance to run 13 or 17 degrees of float depending on how you position the cleats on your shoes.

While I have very little time on the X-rocs so far, the addition of the platform is instantly apparent. Whether you are pedaling clipped in, getting started, or rolling you feel on the pedals you feel it, in a good way. I have noticed a slight bit more resistance while clipping in than other Times, but that means that there is most likely more contact with your shoe which is always good. If these prove to be as durable and feel as nice as previous ATACs they will surely be a winner. Be sure to check back for another post soon with initial riding impressions, and long term durability as well.


  1. I’ve had these since the first came out. They are the best Times yet. I love the solid contact provided by the platform.

  2. I’m having trouble unclipping with these pedals. I’m wearing Shimano SH-M87s shoes. They are on the lightest tension. Is anybody else having this problem?

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