2012 Ritchey C260 stems close up look at colors

Following the debut of Ritchey’s new C260 stem, they promised more new goodies were on the way – Here they are!

First, we got some eyes on with the “wet” colors and carbon wrapped version of the C260 stem, above and first pic after ther break. Next, the new MonoCurve is a one-piece carbon alloy bar/stem combo. It fuses the back part of the new C260 stem with a handlebar based on their EvoCurve bar with a 4 degree sweep at the top, ovalized top section, constant radius drop with size-proportional reach and drop.

Surprisingly, Ritchey’s namesake brand has beaten sister company Syncros to the punch with carbon 29er wheels. Despite showing prototypes at Sea Otter, Ritchey went ahead and put the same rim on his own hubs. Check it and more after the break…

2012 Ritchey C260 stems close up look at carbon wrapped stem

The MonoCurve handlebar-stem will be available with 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130 stem lengths. $599, 380g for the 110/42 size.

2012 Ritchey Logic MonoCurve carbon fiber one-piece handlebar stem combo component

The bottom of the bar has cable channels for both brake and shift cables. Rubbery rings help keep them in place and provide a nice end to the tape (you’ll likely still need to tape it down).

2012 Ritchey Logic MonoCurve carbon fiber one-piece aerodynamic handlebar stem combo component

Besides lighter overall system weight and improved stiffness, it has a minimal frontal profile. Compared to standard stems/bar interfaces, it’s way more aerodynamic.

Not shown is a new WCS Link seatpost compatible with the Selle Italia MonoLink saddles. It’ll have available another top clamp piece so it can work with standard saddles. Why? It’s a less expensive alloy version of SI’s carbon post – $99 for bead blasted black, $109 to $119 for the wet paint colors. Of course, there’s also a carbon version for $239 that has their new Flex Logic. Flex Logic was developed for the Pro Tour bikes for Stevens, Canyon and Scott teams. It’s 15% more compliant aft-ward than their standard WCS post.

Also not shown, for 2012, Ritchey stems get double sided graphics like on the C260 so that only one side is mostly visible. No more blatant upside down logo underneath the right side up one.

2012 Ritchey Logic Vantage II carbon fiber 29er mountain bike wheelset

New Ritchey WCS Carbon Vantage II is their first 29er wheel, and it should beat Syncros’ carbon 29er wheelset to market by at least two months.

2012 Ritchey Logic Vantage II carbon fiber 29er mountain bike wheelset

It uses the same rim but uses Ritchey’s tried and true weight saving trick: It’ll come laced up to a Ritchey hub set up for Shimano’s CenterLock rotors and 9mm QR only. Why QR only? Because Ritchey’s line is focused on weight conscious XC racers whereas Syncros’ products run the gamut from general XC to freeride. What’s the hold up on Syncros’ carbon wheelset? Obviously it’s not the rims…it’s the hubs. They’re reworking the design to make the front and rear hubs adaptable to all current standards using the same hub (as opposed to offering different models). We’d say that’s a worthwhile excuse, but we’re still jonesin’ to get on a set!

Back to Ritchey. The Vantage II wheels are tubeless compatible with Stan’s tape and sealant.

Comes with Ritchey forged alloy lever/titanium axle skewers. Weight is 1540g w/o skewers. Internal rim width is 21.5mm and MSRP is $1,995. Available in October.


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