2012 BH Bikes BB386EVO Ultralight road bike build kit options

For 2012, most of the BH story is about most of their frames getting PFBB30, additional build options or both.

The new BB386EVO Ultralight gets a Shimano Dura-Ace build with TRP magnesium/ti brakes, carbon-laminate DA C24 wheels and full carbon color-matched FSA cockpit. Complete bike weight is claimed at 13lbs (56). $8,599

A SRAM Red build comes in at 12.6lbs with Reynolds ThirtyTwo wheels and same FSA cockpit. $9,899. Or get Reynolds Assault wheels $8,699. Frame is $4,299 (compare to the G5 for $3,295) so you can build it up like the 10.66lb beast in the foreground.

2012 BH Bikes G5 lightweight racing road bike color options and build kits

The G5 gets three new colors and goes from BB30 to PFBB30 which removes all metal from the frame. Only about a 10g weight savings, but strength, stiffness and reliability all improve (so says Chris Cocalis, BH USA presidente). It also gets an integrated carbon bearing race at the fork crown, which drops more grams and improves strength by removing the stress riser caused by placing a metal crown on the fork. It’s the same mold as the fork for the Ultralight, just different layup and comes in around 360g.

2012 BH Bikes G5 lightweight racing road bike actual weight

There will be some Di2 frames and models later in the year, but Shimano’s reportedly a bit late on delivery. That bike above with SRAM Red build and FSA cranks is 14lbs 7oz.

2012 BH Bikes RX carbon fiber cyclocross bike

The RX1 cyclocross bike gets new colors and is now available with a SRAM Rival build with TRP brakes. This frame also switches to PFBB30.

2012 BH Bikes RX carbon fiber cyclocross bike

Also available in Red, it comes in at $2,999 complete, frameset is $2,199.

2012 BH Bikes RX carbon fiber cyclocross bike

Seeing as ‘cross season is on its way, I took a lot of pics of this bike.

2012 BH Bikes RX carbon fiber cyclocross bike

You enjoy, yes?

2012 BH Bikes RX carbon fiber cyclocross bike

17lbs 15oz for the complete bike.

Not shown, the RC1 road bike gets new colors.

2012 BH Bikes Zaphire alloy road bicycle

Zaphire is a new alloy road bike that brings BH to a lower price point than ever. They’ve decked it our with full 10-speed Tiagra, Shimano cassette and freehub, FSA cranks, bar and headset and Vittoria tires. For just $1,099 it’s a pretty solid way to get into road cycling.

2012 BH Bikes Speedrom and Prisma road bikes get new color options and updated build kit specs

Prismas are their best seller ad have the same stiffness as the G5 but with a taller headtube, 5mm longer chainstays and a smoother ride while still being a performance bike. For 2012, it gets new colors and PFBB30. $2,399 for 105 and $2,999 for Ultegra.

Speedrom now comes in at $1,999 for the complete bike (used to start at $3,000) by getting a fork with an aluminum steerer tube and a 105 build.

GC Aero also gets new colors and lower priced 105 build. $2,999.


  1. I think BH makes the best riding cross bike on the market, so much that after about a year of having mine I got rid of my road bike and just change the gearing/tires and use the CX bike for both. However looking at the pics it seems that the bike no longer holds a water bottle cage. Really hope BH did not go that route. Even Ridleys have bottle cage mounts.

  2. BH makes great looking bikes. I’ve never had the opportunity to ride them yet, but I will try to do so soon. I will say that hiring Tim Jackson was one of the best things they could have done for themselves.

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