Shimano PRO Drops New Carbon Tharsis Trail Component Group

2012 Shimano Pro Tharsis Trail stem and handlebar in the new mountain bike component group

2012 Shimano Pro Tharsis Trail stem and handlebar in the new mountain bike component group

Shimano PRO has just released their new Tharsis Trail component group, and it’s pretty much all carbon fiber.

The stem and bar above were spotted on the new Intense Carbine at DealerCamp. We’re not sure if this is going to end up on a build option from them, but it was pretty sick looking on the matte carbon frame.

Named after the highest mountain range in the universe, the Tharsis range on Mars, they’re designed for rugged, all-day epics on trails that go beyond your typical fireroad/XC adventures. It’s also their first upper-level group that’s entirely carbon, using special layups and fiber types to be strong but light. Make the jump for more pics and details…

2012 Shimano Pro Tharsis Trail carbon fiber stem and handlebar in the new mountain bike component group

The understated graphics and matte UD carbon should make the components right at home on a wide variety of bikes. The stem has a rather unique closure around the steerer that should minimize stresses on the tube.


2012 Shimano Pro Tharsis Trail stem mountain bike component group

PRO Tharsis Stem

  • Strong & lightweight monocoque carbon trail stem
  • Reversible stem design (+6/-6) with integrated gap-cap and spacer
  • Special front-clamp design (with ti-bolts) preventing bolt- and handlebar stress
  • Diagonal steerer clamp construction
  • Extensions:  70-100mm
  • Weight: 130g and up

2012 Shimano PRO Tharsis Trail carbon fiber component group

PRO Tharsis Handlebar

  • Lightweight and durable trail handlebar
  • High-tech T800-1000 UD carbon with titanium reinforced center section
  • Size: 710mm / 20mm rise / 8 backsweep / 4 upsweep, 31,8mm diam.
  • Weight: 195g (claimed)

PRO Tharsis Seatpost

  • Lightweight trail seatpost with 10mm offset
  • Hightech T800 UD carbon material with reinforced clamping zone
  • Includes clamps for both metal and carbon saddle-rails
  • Sizes: 27.2, 30.9 and 31,6 x 375mm
  • Weight: 175g (claimed)

Shimano PRO Tharsis Trail fat lock-on grips

PRO Tharsis Grips

  • Lightweight trail grip with anatomic shape
  • Tapered design for optimal shifting performance
  • Internal locking system combined with low profile lock-ring and ti-bolts
  • Color: Black or White
  • Weight: 120g/pair (claimed)

The components should be available in October.


4 thoughts on “Shimano PRO Drops New Carbon Tharsis Trail Component Group

  1. These have been out for a while in Australia?

    Sold a few sets. Wonder if the ti mesh in the middle does anything? Looks cool non the less…

  2. These are super sweet and are going on my trail bike for sure!
    I’d also like to see a dropper post by Shimano (Fox doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to release theirs).

    But somebody should let Shimano know that the Tharsis range is the highest in our solar system, not in the universe.

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