Contour has a new mounting option coming next week called the Flex Strap. It’ll mount pretty much anywhere, and the camera slot rotates 360 degrees and locks into place wherever you aim it. Besides mounting to the frame or fork, you could put it on your wrist or pretty much anything else you want. MSRP TBD. Another pic after the break…



  1. A hose clamp around a strip of old inner tube would work a lot better. Plus it won’t be as prone to shaky video, since the hose clamp is metal and tied securely as opposed to a stretchy flexible band. I don’t see this working well on boxy shapes, like seen on some bike tubing these days, since the hard piece has a curve molded into it.

  2. My friend jumped out of an airplane, on purpose, with his contour camera attached to his helmet.
    It got loose, fell to the ground from some silly height, a local farmer turned it in to the jump site and the camera still works.
    Only thing that happened was the memory card got lodged inside, from the impact.
    Pretty bada*& if you ask me.

  3. @Varaxis you are so right. I bought this strap, and should have checked the down tube first. The tubing on my bike are boxy, and there is too much vibration.
    Going to use and old inner tube, should certainly help.

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