double tandem from ragbrai 2011, double rainbow

Photo submitted by Rus Bockin, “RAGBRAI 2011 Day 1. Actual photo of the double tandem with stoker.”

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  1. This is a Mad Max quality super-kludge I’d expect from Australians, not Iowans. Someone was drinking the corn-derived biofuel on this design. That’s awesomeness in its purest form. Bet it’s a blast to ride.

  2. They had four riders and were looking for a new stoker.

    Not only does it carry all their gear and have a bike rack – it has 2 complete wet bars.

    The thing weighs 1400lbs, loaded so to speak.

  3. That’s my bike hanging off the back of the Quad…. I helped ride it on Sunday. We got into Atlantic at 3:22 am on Monday morning. It has solar panels on top to charge the battery to run the satelite radio. It also has two wet bars on it. The saying goes “when we get kicked out of the one bar, we’ll just go to the other one…”

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